September 30, 2022
Hiking Is My Therapy Continues Into July – ETV News

Hiking Is My Therapy Continues Into July – ETV News

The “Hiking Is My Therapy” fundraising event for the month of June has concluded. The trails hiked included Luke’s Trail/Alan’s Alley and Knot Pete’s Rim/Wyatt’s Way on Woodhill.

The six charities that are benefitting from the fundraising are Second Chance Wildlife, Carbon Caring for Kids, the Carbon/Emery Children’s Justice Center, the HOPE Squad of Carbon, Emery and Grand Counties, Fuel Cards for Cancer Patients, and The Cure Starts Now.

For July, it was announced that participants will be hiking the Crandall Canyon Trail as well as the Left Hand Fork Trail, which is located in Huntington Canyon.

Those that wish to obtain further information regarding the event or make a donation may contact Kathy Sherman at the Price City Public Works Complex, located at 432 West 600 South, or at (435) 637-5010 or [email protected]


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